Intuitive Jackie, Psychic, (513) 788-1616 - Rev. Jackie is a Spiritual Counselor, Life Coach, Love Counselor
Hours are by appointment.  Click here to email Rev. Jackie 

For Readings, please note:  
1. Please be advises that some readings disclose very personal information, very quickly.  You are advised not to include others when you are receiving a reading.  
2.  You can take notes or record on your phone.  
3.  Please have your questions already written out in order to maximize your time.  
4.  Medium-ship contact is not guaranteed.  Feel free to show photos of anyone that you want to discuss.  
5.  Skype, FaceTime, GoogleDuo, and Phone readings are available.
6.  She is not a medical professional, and can not diagnose or treat you.  She is a medical intuitive. 
7.  She is a Certified Minister for spiritual counseling.  Call to schedule (513) 788-1616 or email by clicking here.  

Products are chosen to help you on your own intuitive path!  See below.

Astrology Comparability Chart
Find out if you are compatible and what the other persons characteristics are, coated to last a long time! Free Shipping
Price: $10.00
Aura/Chakra Chart
What do the colors mean in the Aura? What do Chakra colors mean? Now you can easily find them! Coated to be long lasting and easy to use! Free Shipping!
Price: $10.00
Pendulum Chart and Instructions
Easily find the answers you seek with this chart. You will need a pendulum. Instructions included. Coated to last long! Free Shipping!
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Wholesale charts packages
For a limited time, buy 10 or more charts and get a 50% discount. Mix and match. Coated for durability. Buy them for your classes. Easy to use! Email me how many of each chart. Discounts only in quantities of 10. Free shipping!.
Price: $50.00
15 minute reading, Concise for quick answers! Personal, Phone, GoogleDuo, Facetime, Skype
Price: $30.00
30 minute reading, More in-depth for multiple questions.
Personal, Phone, GoogleDuo, Facetime, Skype
Price: $50.00
60 minute reading, This is for Psychic, Chakra, Auras, Medium-ship and Cards.
Some numerology and some astrology. Personal, Phone, GoogleDuo, Facetime, Skype
Price: $100.00
Angel Romance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue
Out of Print by Doreen Virtue, Includes 30 minute reading
Price: $250.00
Angel Answers Oracle Cards
Out of print 44 Card Deck and Guidebook By Doreen Virtue. Includes a free 15-minute reading.
Price: $175.00